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Guest Experiences

Ethan and Angela

"Thank you so much for everything! We really appreciate how the two of you go out of your way to make our stay exciting and comfortable. We have stayed in a few B&B's before and this one is by far one we'll be coming back to! The breakfast was delicious. This was the greatest place for us to spend our honeymoon. Thanks again!"
Jane and Alex

"Such an inspiring sense of love and peace permeates this lovely place. Thank you, Tom and Jacki, for the beauty, warmth and kindness you so generously share with your guests. Your friends..."
Ed and Sandy

"Very deluxe and romantic weekend get away for R&R! Enjoyed your thoughtful extra touches and breakfast was delightful. Deer wandering through added to the atmosphere. Great birthday weekend! Thanks for everything."
Kari and Shane

"What an incredible surprise. A Jacuzzi in the room, a bed made of heavenly stuff, a beautiful garden and an attentive host and hostess. A perfect anniversary gift. The heavens have sent an angel to the earth, and it is the Cabernet cottage. Mine eyes have seen the glory and it is that bed. We'll be back. I have a tender yearning for this Jacuzzi"
Chi and Rachel

"What a wonderful place to spend a 30th birthday getaway. TO forget about the kids and work. TO focus on my wife and get lost in that bed. The Jacuzzi and fireplace were great. Do I really have to go so soon? Maybe I could just hide out here for the next 30 years."
Beth and Tess

"My dream visit to Whidbey Island came true! A Country Cottage is just fabulous, beautiful views quaint and welcoming and the rooms are exquisite. My daughter and I had the time of our lives in the Jacuzzi I like the sumptuous bed. We were pampered and spoiled here and we'll be back! Thanks so much Tom and Jacki for your super hospitality."
Sunny and Dan

"For the second time, we have so thoroughly enjoyed our stay here, Jacki & Tom...We love how you have made these cottages feel like 'home' - you have a wonderful knack. It's the anniversary today for our meeting and we will keep coming back to see you as often as we can for the 10 years you'll be here or more. Thanks again. Hope we can be all the better friends over the years!"
Gary and Kim

"A 'one-day getaway' was just what we needed. Thank you, Tom & Jacki, for a memorable experience! This was our first night away together from our two-year old son. Although we missed him and can't wait to get home, this excursion's helped us to connect again as a couple. We look forward to visiting again someday!"
Scott and Jennifer

"We had a GREAT time! Everything about our stay, the room, Jacuzzi, movies, close proximity to town with great restaurants, topped perfectly with Judy's
recital and Tom's cookies (I seriously loved the chocolate wreaths and coconut crunchies!). Most of all, we thoroughly enjoyed the richness of your hospitality. Thank you for providing the setting and supportive
environment for our restful and enjoyable weekend! Count on us to spread the good word about you guys to everyone we know! The best to you and Tom."
J. Brown

"I really enjoy all the outdoor activities available here on the island. It's great to come back to my cottage and have a long Jacuzzi bath after playing golf all day!"
M. Chandler

"I feel years of stress melt away when I come here. It feels like coming home..."
D. Ventler

"Thank you for everything! From securing the accommodations, excellent service, great food and the beautiful room all made this anniversary a lasting memory for my wife and me. We will definitely refer the Country Cottage to our friends and family! Alicia and I look forward to returning soon! It was a pleasure to know you both."

Leave us a Review!